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Upcoming Seminar: Uncover the Depths of Martial Arts with Sifu Robert Walther, Sifu Greg Magwood and Sensei Terry Langevin

Join us for an enriching martial arts seminar on December 9, led by Sifu Greg Magwood and Sensei Langevin. This event offers a unique opportunity to delve into the powerful martial art of Tai Chi, the expressive skill of Kung Fu, and the interconnectedness of various martial systems. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to martial arts, this seminar promises to enhance your understanding and skills with its diverse and in-depth training sessions. Continue reading

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Master the Art of Canadian Jiu-Jitsu: CJC Technical Skills Clinic with Sensei Magwood and Sensei Langevin

Dive into the world of Canadian Jiu-Jitsu with renowned 6th Dan instructors, Sensei Greg Magwood and Sensei Terry Langevin, as they lead an insightful seminar on CJC Technical Skills, Upright and Lock Skills from the CJC Black Belt Exam Curriculum. Learn from the best, refine your skills, and take your martial arts journey to new heights! Continue reading

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