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Congratulations to Our Newly Promoted Black Belts! | élicitations à nos nouveaux promus ceintures noires!

Discover the remarkable journey of our Snow Tiger Martial Arts members who achieved new black belt degrees at the Canadian Jiu Jitsu Council exams. We’re proud to share their dedication and success. | Découvrez le parcours remarquable de nos membres de Snow Tiger Martial Arts qui ont atteint de nouveaux degrés de ceinture noire lors des examens du Conseil Canadien de Jiu Jitsu. Nous sommes fiers de partager leur dévouement et leur succès. Continue reading

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CJC Skills Clinic: Enhance Your Martial Arts Mastery | Clinique de Compétences CJC : Perfectionnez Votre Maîtrise des Arts Martiaux

Join us for an enlightening day at the CJC Skills Clinic on Sunday, February 25th, 2024, from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM at the Madoc Township Hall. This unique seminar, led by the esteemed Sensei Dan VanExan and Sensei Greg Magwood, focuses on the critical aspects of grip and control within the realm of Jiu Jitsu, alongside essential teachings on weapon defenses and disarms. With over three decades of martial arts experience, Sensei VanExan brings a wealth of knowledge, particularly from his extensive career in law enforcement Use of Force instruction. Whether you’re looking to refine your martial arts techniques or enhance your self-protection skills, this clinic is open to all levels of participants, offering valuable insights into the biomechanics of martial arts and the importance of being prepared for any situation. Secure your spot for an opportunity to deepen your martial arts practice and learn potentially life-saving skills. Continue reading

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Upcoming Event | Événement à Venir

Join us for a special event celebrating over 50 years of Snow Tiger Martial Arts, a milestone in our martial arts community in Ontario, Canada. This evening will feature dinner, a cash bar, and an exciting martial arts skills demonstration, highlighting the diverse talents within our community. The event is an excellent opportunity for martial arts students of all disciplines and levels to showcase their skills. Tickets must be purchased in advance, with no sales at the door. Contact us for participation details or ticket purchases. Don’t miss this unique celebration of dedication, skill, and community spirit! Continue reading

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Upcoming Seminar: Uncover the Depths of Martial Arts with Sifu Robert Walther, Sifu Greg Magwood and Sensei Terry Langevin

Join us for an enriching martial arts seminar on December 9, led by Sifu Greg Magwood and Sensei Langevin. This event offers a unique opportunity to delve into the powerful martial art of Tai Chi, the expressive skill of Kung Fu, and the interconnectedness of various martial systems. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to martial arts, this seminar promises to enhance your understanding and skills with its diverse and in-depth training sessions. Continue reading

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Triumph at the Canadian Jiu-Jitsu Council Black Belt Examinations

Celebrate the achievements of our martial artists who have successfully attained new degrees in their Black Belt journey. The Snow Tiger Martial Arts Association proudly acknowledges the hard work, dedication, and skill demonstrated at the Canadian Jiu-Jitsu Council Black Belt exams. Join us in congratulating our members on their advancements and in thanking the Grading Board for their commitment to martial arts excellence. Continue reading

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Dive Deep into Martial Arts: Peterborough Seminars with Sifu/Sensei Greg Magwood

Join the martial arts community in Peterborough for a series of seminars led by Sifu/Sensei Greg Magwood. Catering to both beginners and seasoned practitioners, these sessions cover Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Jiu Jitsu fundamentals. Hosted by White Dragon Martial Arts and Champion Gymnastics, attendees can choose from one, two, or all seminars. Dive deep into traditional martial arts techniques and principles with an expert guide. Don’t miss out! Continue reading

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Return to the Roots: A Day with Sensei Walther

In a departure from the usual structure, the 8 Wing Martial Arts Club Dojo hosted a unique freeform practice session led by Sensei Walther. With an atmosphere of self-exploration, attendees from various martial arts backgrounds immersed themselves in individual journeys, guided by the wisdom and watchful eye of Sensei Walther. This recap offers a glimpse into this enriching day, celebrating the fluid essence of martial arts. Continue reading

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New Martial Arts Club in Trenton: Classes Led by Sensei Terry Langevin

Join the new martial arts club in Trenton led by Sensei Terry Langevin, offering a diverse range of classes from Tai Chi to Karate and Jiu-Jitsu. Located at Prince Charles School, the club welcomes practitioners of all levels to join and experience martial arts in a comprehensive manner. Continue reading

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Unveil Your Inner Vitality with Madoc Tai Chi and Chi Kung: Professional Classes by Sifu Greg Magwood

Elevate your wellness journey with professional Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes led by Sifu Greg Magwood. With options for both in-person and online participation, these classes are designed to align your body, mind, and spirit, promoting a “Fit and Vital for Life” lifestyle. Continue reading

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Canadian Jiu-Jitsu Council Technical Skills Clinic Hosted by Snow Tiger Martial Arts

Discover the intricacies of Upright and Joint Locking techniques with Sensei Greg Magwood and Sensei Terry Langevin in a Technical Skills Clinic endorsed by the Canadian Jiu-Jitsu Council. Hosted by Snow Tiger Martial Arts, this event on October 28th offers two insightful sessions covering essential elements of the Canadian Jiu-Jitsu Council Black Belt Grading Curriculum. Open to both novice and experienced practitioners, the clinic offers a blend of philosophical wisdom and practical skill-building. Continue reading

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