Upcoming Seminar: Uncover the Depths of Martial Arts with Sifu Robert Walther, Sifu Greg Magwood and Sensei Terry Langevin

Attention Snow Tiger Martial Arts Enthusiasts!

Mark your calendars for an extraordinary seminar happening on Saturday, December 9. This full-day event, featuring the expertise of Sifu Robert Walther, Sifu Greg Magwood and Sensei Terry Langevin, promises to be a remarkable exploration into the depths of martial arts. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  1. The Power of Tai Chi: Often celebrated for its health benefits, Tai Chi is also a potent martial art. Sifu Greg Magwood, a proponent of the traditional combat aspects of Tai Chi, will guide you through its authentic and powerful techniques. Experience Tai Chi as a true martial art under his expert tutelage.
  2. The Expressive Art of Kung Fu: “The hands talk” in Kung Fu, and Sensei Langevin is a master of this expression, especially in edged and impact weapons. His deep training and skillful use of these weapons will provide an insightful and engaging segment of the seminar.
  3. Martial Arts as One Family: The seminar will also explore the concept of ‘mo lum yat gar’ or ‘martial arts one family’. This section will focus on techniques and skill sets that are common across various martial arts systems, emphasizing their effectiveness and universal appeal.

Pricing and Registration Details:

  • Full Day: $90
  • Single Class: $35
  • Two Classes: $65

You can register on the day of the seminar or secure your spot in advance by contacting Sensei/Sifu Greg Magwood at 613-849-0170 or via email at magwoodma@yahoo.ca. E-transfers are accepted.

Location: Christ Church, 39 Everett St., Belleville.

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your martial arts knowledge and skills. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or just starting your journey, this seminar is poised to offer valuable insights and techniques.

Join us for a day of learning and exploration in the world of martial arts!

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