Training Contact Information

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Alternatively, you may find contact information in the list below:

Bancroft AreaKarate – Jiu Jitsu613-412-9484
Bancroft AreaTai Chi – Chi Kung613-921-8584
Bayside AreaKarate – Jiu Jitsu613-243-5305
Belleville AreaKarate – Jiu Jitsu613-848-3220
Belleville AreaTai Chi613-849-8188
Belleville Area, NorthKarate – Jiu Jitsu613-243-5305
Belleville Area, WestKarate – Jiu Jitsu613-243-5305
Brighton AreaTai Chi – Chi
Centreville AreaKarate – Jiu Jitsu613-849-8188
CFB TrentonKarate – Jiu Jitsu
Aikido – Kung Fu
Tai Chi – Chi Kung
613-392-2811 x5450
Enterprise AreaKarate – Jiu Jitsu613-848-0497
Frankford AreaKarate – Jiu Jitsu613-243-5305
Frankford AreaTai Chi613-391-8034
Madoc AreaKarate – Jiu Jitsu –
Kung Fu
Madoc AreaTai Chi – Chi Kung613-849-0170
Marmora AreaKarate – Jiu Jitsu613-849-0170
Napanee AreaKarate – Jiu Jitsu613-849-8188
Napanee AreaTai Chi613-849-8188
Newburgh AreaKarate – Jiu Jitsu613-849-8188
Newburgh AreaTai Chi613-849-8188
North Addington AreaKarate – Jiu Jitsu613-848-0497
Peterborough AreaKarate – Jiu Jitsu613-849-0170
Peterborough AreaKung Fu613-849-0170
Peterborough AreaTai Chi – Chi Kung613-849-0170
Prince Edward CountyKarate – Jiu Jitsu613-848-3220
Selby AreaKarate – Jiu Jitsu613-849-8188
Stirling AreaKarate – Jiu Jitsu613-395-2835
Stirling AreaTai Chi613-395-2835
TamworthKarate – Jui Jitsu613-849-8188
TamworthTai Chi613-849-8188
Trenton AreaKarate – Jui Jitsu613-849-0170
Trenton AreaTai Chi613-391-8034
Tweed AreaKarate – Jui Jitsu613-243-5305
Tweed AreaTai Chi613-849-8188
Whitby RegionShinjitsu no Kempo905-404-4698
Plevna AreaKarate – Jui Jitsu613-391-8034
Mountain Grove AreaKarate – Jui Jitsu613-391-8034
Haliburton AreaKarate705-306-0341
Private Lessons613-849-8188
Private Lessons613-849-0170