About Us

Snow Tiger Martial Arts is a is an association of affiliated Martial Arts Clubs throughout Eastern and Central Ontario, stretching from Peterborough to Kingston, and Bancroft to Picton.

We provide instruction in variety of Martial Arts styles and systems for you to enjoy including Chito-Ryu Karate, Canadian Jiu-Jitsu, My-Jong Kung-Fu, Hsing-I Kung-Fu, Yang style Tai-Chi-Chuan, Muay Thai, Kali, Kenjutsu and Kickboxing.

Come and visit one of our clubs. You’re sure to find something to enjoy!

For further information about some of the styles of martial arts we teach, please browse the following Wikipedia links:

Karate | Jiu-Jitsu | Tai-Chi | My Jong Law Horn | Hsing I | I Chaun | Kenjutsu | Chi-Kung | Mauy Thai | Kali

  • Congratulations
    Congratulations to Jeff Weese, a student of Sensei Bev and Sensei Bob Leonard (Trent Valley Karate and Jiu Jitsu) for passing the Sho-Dan-Ho exam. Jeff will now attend a grading on Sunday, July 10 in Mississauga, ON run by our headmaster in Karate, Sensei Monty Guest.
  • Seminar: I Am A Strong Woman
    An Introduction to Psychological Self Defence For Women This seminar is based on my experience in teaching women self-defence over the last forty years. The seminar will be held on Wednesday, July 29 from 7:00 P.M. to 7:45 P.M. on the Zoom platform. A recording of the workshop will be uploaded if you are not able to attend via Zoom. The recording will also enable you to have repeated access to the entire seminar. The fee for the seminar is $10. Register soon to ensure a spot. E-transfers to rwalther@kos.net are accepted. Please use the word seminar as the security … Continue reading
  • Summer Classes with Sensei Walther!
    Summer Classes We invite you to take part in summer classes being held outside on the shores of Moira Lake. The classes are for adults and children from three to ninety-nine years of age. The instruction is rich in ancient martial arts tradition. Classes are small to ensure the correct transmission of knowledge and skill. You may choose from the following martial arts – Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, My Jong Law Horn Kung Fu, Hsing I Kung Fu, I Chuan Kung Fu, Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung. We’re setting up the classes now so don’t delay. For more information … Continue reading
  • Summer Jiu-Jitsu Seminar
    Good morning Snow Tigers! The doors are opening and it’s been a tough pandemic but a true martial artist never quits. Please take a look at the seminar being offered below…
  • Sifu Sandra Zabludofsky
    It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Sifu Sandra Zabludofsky, a senior martial arts instructor and practitioner of the Snow Tiger Martial Arts Association. A highly skilled and deeply caring instructor, Sifu Sandy trained in Yang Style Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Hsing I, My Jong Law Horn and I Chuan. She taught many students over the years and her focus was always on the core principles and foundational skills of the arts, a method that helped imbue her students with a deep level of fitness and self-confidence. Whenever she trained alongside others, she brought enthusiasm and … Continue reading