About Us

Snow Tiger Martial Arts is a is an association of affiliated Martial Arts Clubs throughout Eastern and Central Ontario, stretching from Peterborough to Kingston, and Bancroft to Picton.

We provide instruction in variety of Martial Arts styles and systems for you to enjoy including Chito-Ryu Karate, Canadian Jiu-Jitsu, My-Jong Kung-Fu, Hsing-I Kung-Fu, Yang style Tai-Chi-Chuan, Muay Thai, Kali, Kenjutsu and Kickboxing.

Come and visit one of our clubs. You’re sure to find something to enjoy!

For further information about some of the styles of martial arts we teach, please browse the following Wikipedia links:

Karate | Jiu-Jitsu | Tai-Chi | My Jong Law Horn | Hsing I | I Chaun | Kenjutsu | Chi-Kung | Mauy Thai | Kali

  • Congratulations
    Congratulations to Maureen Lepinskie and Melanie Lord, both long timemembers of the Bancroft Martial Arts Club, for passing to the Snow TigerMartial Arts Association's Sho-Dan-Ho. They will have their first degreeBlack Belt test in front of Sensei Guest in August in Mississauga, On. Congratulations also to Sensei Chris McCargar (Bancroft Martial Arts) andSensei Dave Phillips (Madoc Martial Arts) for passing a review test today.They will be testing for 2nd Degree Black Belt in front of Sensei Guest inAugust.
  • Fwd: [Fwd: OUMA Newsletter – COVID-19 Re-Opening]
    You are receiving this newsletter as a member of the Ontario Union of Martial Artists. In this edition of the OUMA newsletter (COVID-19 RE-OPENING) * COVID-19 Re-Opening Assistance  * COVID-19 Lobby Action Timeline  * Ontario Government Response to Letter Writing Campaign  * Call-to-Action – Send COVID-19 Impact Statements to The Ontario Jobs and Recovery Committee  * OUMA Facilitates a Task Force for COVID-19: Competition Guidelines COVID-19 Re Opening Assistance As many regions of Ontario enter Phase 3, Martial Arts clubs have the official legal right to re-open as long as they can satisfy the health and safety frameworks of the … Continue reading Read more
  • Nyingje Jujitsu Sangha – Online Training
    Nyingje Jujitsu Sangha has been airing 20-minute training videos weekly for the past month and a half. These classes are being presented by Sensei Jason Carter and his black belts from across Ontario. Each week a different instructor teaches some techniques for their syllabus as well as other safety skills to keep you safe. These videos can be found in our open Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1827409247518003
  • Sensei Jim Werden – Martial Paths Online Training
    Sensei Jim Werden, head Sensei of Martial Paths has a new YouTube Channel, check it out!
  • Faulks Jiu Jitsu – Online Training
    During this time of social distancing, and since our colleagues in Ontario have graciously offered classes online, I thought we would share a link to our “YouJitsu” page. Our Dojo members access it via our Website, but we have provided the direct link for members of the Canadian Jiu Jitsu Council below. The site provides the following: Specific curricular classes (eg: White Belt Hold Escapes) Jiu Jitsu Fitness Classes Specific Skills (eg: stretching videos & after throw technique videos) Warm-up Classes Combat Classes http://www.faulksjiujitsu.com/youjitsu we have approx 35 videos, all designed to keep us moving forward together as a community … Continue reading Read more