Eight Pieces of Silk Sectional Archive now Available

I am happy to announce the newest addition to the Magwood’s Martial Arts Sectional Archives.
Eight Pieces of Silk Chi Kung Form.
The archive includes all eight sections of the set filmed from multiple directions with instruction as well as a full guided follow along of the entire form.

Cost for unlimited access to the archive is $35 for non members and $25 for current members of the the online program.

Payments can be made via etransfer to magwoodma@yahoo.ca using the password martialarts.

 or via cheque mailed to:

Greg Magwood

771 Scotch Settlement Rd.


K0K 2K0

Eight Pieces of Silk Joins the growing collection of Sectional Archives offered.

Other Forms Available

Moi Fa Gim (Choi Li Fut, plum flower sword)

Tam Tuey (My Jong Law Horn Pai)

Shepherd’s Staff (My Jong Lsw Horn Pai)

Beijing Form (Tai Chi Chuan)

Tai Chi Sword Short Form (Tai Chi Chuan)

Five Fists (Hsing I Chuan)

Full Study Courses
Includes all lessons taught on the subject and the sectional archive
Shepherd’s Staff – $175.00 (28 x 1/2 hour lessons and 19 multi angle form breakdown videos)

Moi Fa Gim – $150 (19 x 1/2 hour lessons and 11 multi angled form breakdown videos)

Hope you are all doing well and keeping physically active.


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