Seminar! To Hurt and to Heal

Hi Everyone,

I will be running my first Zoom seminar on Sunday, August 23 at 10:00 a.m. EST. That’s the time frame I used to run my Black and Brown Belt classes when we could still gather and train together. So this will be my first foray into the online training world.

The topic that I’ve chosen has a strange title to it – To Hurt and to Heal. The concept is fairly old in the martial arts. An instructor would run an acupuncture/herbal/moxibustion/massage/bone-setting clinic, often right next door to the training hall. Often, he or she would use martial arts techniques to heal someone, obviously with an entirely different intention depending upon the desired outcome. Pick and choose, I guess…. a punch to the head or a cure for a headache.

The seminar will be one hour long and will cost a whopping $20 payable in advance by e-transfer to with the word seminar as the security word. Once you’ve signed up, I will send you the Zoom invitation with the password.

It really doesn’t matter what martial art you practise. The skills apply to all. Whether it’s a grip of the wrist from Jiu-Jitsu or a palm strike from Tai Chi or perhaps a one knuckle punch from Karate, in this case, the end result will be the same: healing another person and/or healing oneself.

Can you think of a lovelier way to spend one solid hour on a Sunday morning with strangers half a continent away? And at only twenty bucks? Some of the techniques I’m going to show you have dropped people’s high blood pressure; cleared their headaches; removed pain entirely from their joints; eliminated stress, and helped overcome serious diseases. Please remember, they’re add-ons and not meant to replace treatment from a medical professional. But, for example, having two people cancel their carpal tunnel surgeries because this stuff works isn’t too bad. I hope to see your smiling faces on August 23. And yes, please tell a friend and share this e-mail with your group. It would definitely be appreciated.

Best Wishes,

Bob Walther
613 243 5305

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