A Small Problem – OUMA is a Solution

We have a small problem.

All the martial arts instructors and their students want to return to
training ASAP.

As the Province of Ontario begins to lift certain restrictions, we are
faced with two issues  –

1.  Sports training and practice is stated to only be allowed to be
conducted by an official Provincial Sport Organization. The Ontario
government is not considering the majority of martial arts practitioners
who are not part of the Provincial Sport Organization.

2.  All martial arts practices are being considered as high-contact. The
government is not considering non-contact practice such as Kata, Forms, or
individual practice lead by an instructor that can satisfy social
We need to come together to voice our concerns as one family and we need
to do this quickly.

This is exactly the reason why the Ontario Union of Martial Artists was

I joined OUMA https://ontario-uma.ca because I wanted to maintain my
martial arts independence while at the same time maintaining my loyalty to
where it belongs – my martial arts and my martial arts lineages that have
given me so much.

I appeal to you to join OUMA in order to maintain your right to run your
classes and to train as you deem fit.

There is no cost involved. Your independence as a martial artist remains

The more martial artists joining OUMA, the greater our voice as martial
artists. And the stronger our ability to maintain independence.

OUMA is a community of independent martial artists of all ranks, of
independent associations that are just that – independent, and of people
who support the integrity of each martial artist’s personal journey.

Please come join us. As I mentioned, there is no money involved and you
remain completely independent.

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